Handmade with 100% untreated Swedish wool, our Wool Dryer Balls: 

  • Reduce static and cling
  • Soften clothes naturally
  • Decrease drying time by 25-45% 
  • Decrease energy usage by 25-45%  
  • Last for years and years! 

Save time, money and energy when drying your laundry without toxic dryer sheets or chemical fabric softeners. Wool dryer balls last for many years, offering a thousandfold return on your small investment. 

    One set includes 5 large balls of 100% untreated wool, rolled and felted by hand in our studio. Each ball is composed of an entire skein of wool. Packaged in an organic cotton bag with drawstring for easy storage.   

    Colors may vary. Some natural wool comes to us gray, while other wool is beige. 

    To Use: Just throw them into the dryer with wet clothes and spin as normal. For larger loads, use all 5. For smaller loads, you may only need 2 or 3.