This 100% natural, organic and multi-purpose soap thoroughly cleanses hands and body without drying out or stripping skin. pH friendly and nature friendly, it's made with gentle, skin-loving ingredients that will leave you feeling soft and smooth. 

A perfect companion on all your wild adventures too! Use it to clean, bathe, shave and shampoo. It will also clean dishes or laundry in a pinch. 

The foresty scents of douglas fir and frankincense get an invigorating kick from grapefruit. 

Organic and sustainably handmade in Sweden. Packaged in a reusable glass bottle with pump top. 

Ingredients – olive oil*, aqua, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, vegetable glycerin*, kukui nut oil, guar gum, vitamin e*, essential oils of frankincense, douglas fir and grapefruit*  (*organic)

 300 ml