Wild sea buckthorn berries are infused in golden organic jojoba oil and then blended with skin-repairing tamanu oil for a simple yet powerful elixir that deeply hydrates, nourishes and protects skin at a cellular level. 

Because conventional sea buckthorn oil is very high in polyunsaturated fats (learn why that's a problem here), we wild-harvest sea buckthorn berries ourselves from the east coast of Sweden and then infuse them into jojoba oil. This not only keeps the fatty acid profile balanced for long-term skin health, but it also means that more nutrients are extracted from the whole berry. We believe this is the most sustainable path for everyone – us and nature.

We then combine this rich, nutrient-packed oil with fabulous tamanu oil. That's it, other than a bit of vitamin E oil for extra stability. The result is a potent, multi-tasking elixir that can repair and regenerate, improve skin elasticity and complexion, calm irritation or inflammation and deeply hyrdrate. A little goes a very long way, so even with frequent use, our 50ml bottle will last you for awhile. 

To Use – Gently press a few drops into clean, damp skin. Works perfectly around the eyes, on the lips, or as a makeup primer as well. 

Ingredients – golden jojoba oil*, wildcrafted sea buckthorn berries, tamanu oil*, vitamin e oil*  (*organic)

50 ml