Mama Baby Bundle

535 kr

Our 4 baby & mama products in 1 lovely bundle. Save more than 15% than if you purchased them all separately! 

All products are 100% natural and organic, gentle and perfectly safe for newborns and new mothers. Packaged in glass jars, except for the baby powder which is packaged in a biodegradable paper shaker. 

  • Baby Booty Balm, 60 ml – a mixture of active clay, roots and botanicals meticulously formulated to keep your little one dry and happy. Also heals minor skin rashes and can even aid in postpartum recovery. 
  • Calm Baby Bath Tea, 225 ml – a gentle blend of organic botanicals and rolled oats (gluten-free) that promotes relaxation, nourishes sensitive skin and promotes healing. Also acts a gentle cleanser for infant skin. 
  • Wonder Balm, 60 ml – a rich, healing salve for scrapes, cracks, cuts, burns, irritations and other minor skin injuries. Gently treats inflammation and infection. Moisturizes and protects. Use it as a lip salve, wound ointment, a nursing balm, rich hand cream or overall skin curative.
  • Baby Powder, 125 ml – ultra soothing blend of clay and botanicals that promote circulation, absorb excess moisture and protect from bacteria or infection. 
  • Large cotton drawstring for easy storage and transport. Washable and reusable. Easily hangs on a hook or stows away nicely in any bag.