Grapefruit & Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Body Lotion

Grapefruit & Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Body Lotion

259 kr

A beautifully scented and luxuriously soft whipped body lotion that is so nourishing for the skin! 

Formulated with the best saturated oils and butters, including our own wildcrafted dandelion infused oil. It's also spiked with our own high-grade aged bourbon vanilla extract and grapefruit essential oil. 

The texture is fluffy and practically melts in your hands as you rub it in. And yes it smells as divine as it feels.

100% organic, sustainably wildcrafted and handmade in Sweden. Packaged in a reusable glass jar. Vegan too. 

Ingredients – virgin coconut oil*, raw shea butter*, extra virgin olive oil* infused with wildcrafted dandelion flowers, wyld's own aged bourbon vanilla extract, arrowroot powder*, grapefruit essential oil*  (*organic)

120 ml