A lotion bar infused with locally wildcrafted elderflowers and lavender for their fantastic active botanical properties. 

We love lotion bars because they are: 

  • Super moisturizing for even very dry skin.
  • Portable, small and easy to travel with.
  • Naturally zero waste, as they require no plastic or bulky packaging. 
  • Simple to apply - just rub it on! Naturally melts and absorbs quickly. 

This lotion bar, in particular, has its own unique benefits. Created with organic coconut oil, which is rich in lauric acid and other nutrients, and raw organic cocoa butter, an antioxidant powerhouse.  And with its pure, organic ingredients and lack of essential oils, this lotion bar is safe for everyone, even babies. 

We wildcraft the elderflowers during spring months and the wild lavender during summer. Organic, handmade and sustainably wildcrafted in Sweden. 

Check Our Ingredients to learn more about each one. 

    Ingredients –  virgin coconut oil*, elderflowers*, lavender*, unrefined cocoa butter*, beeswax*, vitamin e oil*  (*organic)

     90 gr