Deodorant Bar

Deodorant Bar

139 kr

A natural, very effective deodorant bar that couldn't be easier to apply.  

  • 100% natural and organic
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Eliminates odor 
  • Fights odor-causing bacteria
  • Smells refreshing 
  • Detoxifies armpits
  • Won't irritate your skin
  • Super easy to apply & no bulky packaging
  • The hefty 90 gr bar lasts for many, many applications

We skipped all the heavy butters that weigh you down and make you feel greasy, because there's nothing worse on a hot day or during a training session than melting deodorant under your arms!

Check Our Ingredients to read some of the research we've gathered on each ingredient.  

NOTE: We also offer a scent-free deodorant bar for those with sensitive skin or noses, during pregnancy, etc. Just choose the Scent-free option when ordering or leave us a note at checkout! 

Sustainably handmade and wildcrafted in Sweden. 

To use – Simply rub into armpits. Start with a little. One application lasts all day for most people. Discontinue use if you experience any red rash or burning irritations.

Ingredients – virgin coconut oil*, arrowroot powder, beeswax*, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, essentials oils of thyme, lemongrass and peppermint*  (*organic)

90 gr 

*Note: The bars will become soft in hot temperature (above 30˚ C / 86˚ F ). This will not affect the deodorant's function or effectiveness at all! And you can always store it on a plate or another container if needed during warmer weather.