Three Wyld cleaning products in one bundle. Save 15% than if you purchased them all separately. 

  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Wood & Surface Cleaner
  • Washable cotton drawstring bag for storage

Products are packaged in glass bottles with convenient spray tops. 

All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, 500ml – A truly all-purpose, natural cleaning spray wildcrafted with herbs, spices and essential oils that are proven to fight bacteria and germs, even drug-resistant ones. Organic, sustainable, toxic-free cleaning at its best.  

Wood & Surface Cleaner, 300ml – Cleans and nourishes the wood and laminate surfaces in your home. Infused with pine from the Swedish forest, it’s lightweight enough to use as an everyday dusting spray, yet also effective for more heavy duty jobs such as floors and cabinets. Even works on stainless steel.

Glass Cleaner, 300ml – Keep your mirrors, windows, TVs and other glass surfaces streak-free and smudge-free with this all-natural spray. With added citrus oils for a fresh scent and more cleaning power.

Large cotton drawstring bag is for easy storage and transport. Washable and reusable. Easily hangs on a hook or folds away nicely into any bag.