Wake up a tired, dull complexion with this antioxidant-rich coffee and rosehip-infused polishing oil. It gently exfoliates, reduces puffiness and redness, softens and deeply supports skin. You will look and feel more alive after use! 

We've partnered with a small batch Swedish roastery, Muttley & Jack's. Their coffee beans are sustainably produced and light-roasted in the Stockholm archipelago. Light-roasted = more antioxidants! 

We also wildcraft our own rosehip oil by infusing wild rosehips in organic jojoba oil in order to extract all of the precious nutrients of these powerhouse fruits, yet avoiding the high polyunsaturated (pufa) content of conventional rosehip oil. 

Last but not least, we add high-quality frankincense oil for its amazing capabilities.

Check Our Ingredients to learn more about each ingredient and what it contributes. 

Use this skin polishing oil 2-3 times per week to keep skin looking fresh and full of life. Although it's normally used on the face, you can also use it to soften and polish any rough, scaly patches on the body. After all, there's more than one way to get your caffeine. Your skin will love it. 

NOTE: We offering packaging in a 50 ml bottle or 60 ml jar, depending on your preference. Same volume in both. We recommend the bottle if you are looking for more oil and less exfoliation. But if you want maximum exfoliation, we recommend the jar, as it's easier to scoop out the fine-grained coffee with a dry finger.  

To Use – Gently shake the jar to mix ingredients. Dip a clean, dry finger into the jar to collect oil and coffee. Apply to skin, using light circular motions to gently polish. You may need to do this twice, depending on how much you like to use. No need to use pressure, as the coffee will do all the work for you. Close your eyes and breathe in the invigorating scent. Rinse and pat dry. Follow up with a toner. You can then apply moisturizer if needed, but your skin will probably be so soft and plenty hydrated from the polishing oil! 

Ingredients – finely ground coffee from muttley & jack's*, jojoba oil* infused with wildcrafted rosehips, vitamin e oil*, frankincense essential oil*

60 ml