A very special lotion bar formulated with babassu oil, which is rich in lauric acid and vitamin E, as well as potent essential oils. The blue color is a result of the chamazulene compound naturally present in yarrow, blue tansy and german chamomile oils. Azulene – its name deriving from the Spanish 'azul' meaning deep blue – has a long history as an effective and potent anti-inflammatory agent. 

Here are a but a few benefits of our blue moon lotion bar: 

  • Super moisturizing and actually works to maintain hydration in the cells, due to its special composition of saturated fatty acids and vitamins.  
  • Protects against infections and boosts the body's immune system, thanks to the ingredients anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds. 
  • Combats dryness, chapping or chaffing, windburned or sunburned skin. 
  • Relieves itching, swelling, insect bites and even rheumatic pain.  
  • Regulates histamine and many other inflammatory responses, making it useful for asthma, hay fever, allergies or eczema. 
  • Alleviates stress or anxiety, as the blue essential oils are very soothing for both body and mind. They're known to lift the spirits while also improving sleep quality. A very balancing blend. 

Organic, sustainable and handcrafted in Sweden. Packaged in biodegradable paper. 

Ingredients – virgin coconut oil*, virgin babassu oil, unrefined cocoa butter*, beeswax*, vitamin e*, essential oils of blue yarrow and german blue chamomile*  (*organic) 

90 gr