Blue Chamomile Toner

Blue Chamomile Toner

279 kr

Blue chamomile is a gentle yet potent anti-inflammatory and pure antioxidant for the skin. It's also very gentle and suitable for all skin types. Combined with witch hazel, our blue chamomile toner effectively cleanses pores, removes any lingering dirt or grime, balances pH, soothes irritation, softens skin and prepares it for moisturization. 

Besides toning the skin, it can be used as a scalp tonic or soothing aftershave spray. Blue Chamomile is also renown for treating cuts, scrapes and bruises. It has cell-regenerative properties that make it helpful for healing scars too. If you have itchy eyes, soak a cloth with blue chamomile toner and place it on closed eyes. It can also be mixed with our terra firma clay mask, to refresh and rehydrate while traveling, or to simply boost mood and energy. 

To use – Mist on the face after cleansing, before moisturizing. You can also mist again after moisturizing to lock in the hydration. Use it throughout the day, as needed, to refresh skin. And to use it with our clay mask, mix 1 tsp toner with 1 tsp clay powder to form a paste and proceed with the mask. 

Ingredients – blue (german) chamomile hydrosol*, witch hazel hydrosol (alcohol-free)*, german blue chamomile and roman chamomile essential oils*  (*organic)

50 ml