Our Story

What is Wyld?

Inspired by nature, made
for everyday modern life.
Organic, natural and wild-
crafted in Sweden.
Striving for beauty and simplicity.
Celebrating life.
Caring about the future. 
Less plastic, less waste, 
more <3 . 
Call us modern-day hippies,
call us minimalists 
or environmentalists, old
school or a revolution. 
Call us whatever you'd like.
We are Wyld and will

Stay Wyld

Go barefoot.
Listen to the movements
of the plants, the water,
all the lives we depend on.  
Watch them dance. 
Learn their real names.  
Learn their songs.
Learn to see the world again
with the many eyes
of intuition. Take only
what we need and then ask
how can we give back?
Remember we were the last
ones here, we have
the most to learn.
Catch the last light. 
Use everything. 
Compost it all. 

Our Story

Wyld is a collection of organic, sustainable products for the body, skin and home. Modern-day essentials inspired by the intelligence, beauty and power of nature. Our products are wildcrafted in Sweden using active substances of nature that benefit the whole body and mind. Produced and packaged without plastic. Handcrafted without any cruelty, crap or compromises.

Wyld is about staying close to nature – to what we really are. It's about honoring connection rather than separation. About living cyclically just like nature, in seasons and in sync. 

In a world that's becoming increasingly dependent on technology and less connected to the natural world, what are we losing? Not just in terms of the material world, which is obviously at stake, but also our relationship with and attitude towards nature, each other, ourselves? Instead of accepting the ecological breakdown of life, we wanted to be apart of reversing it. To live and work as if our children's future matters. To try to begin healing the relationship between us and the rest of life. To reconnect with what is wild – not only in nature, but also within ourselves.

We introduced our first collection of products in autumn 2018 and spent the next year learning. And we learned a LOT. About the market. About business norms and all the compromises that come along with that. We learned more about ourselves – how our skin works, how our bodies and minds affect one another, the kinds of ingredients that support us, the kind that don't. We learned more about nature, about modern science (botany, chemistry, ecology, just to name a few), yet also about more about ancient ways of knowing. We made a lot of decisions about who we wanted to be and what we were unwilling to compromise on (i.e., nothing). 

A year later, we introduced a complete refresh of Wyld – a process that we affectionately dubbed ReWyld. 

"Rewild", in science, is to restore habitats to their more natural state by re-introducing native species that have been driven to extinction. 

In psychology, "rewilding" the mind involves stripping away cultural paradigms in order to reclaim the true self.

We loved both of these, but for us, it also just about refining all the parts. Aligning our core mission with our visual identity. Reformulating many of our products to become their absolute best. Refreshing their communication, both visually and verbally. ReWyld was not a redo or even a return. It was more like a revolving. As the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun, we are trying to follow the rhythm of systems that enable life to thrive. We have re-evaluated and re-envisioned, remembered what we know and admitted what we don't. Re-committed to this work and to you. Now that the process is over, it's all become Wyld. The revolved and evolved Wyld. 

Our official collections launched in early autumn 2019. We hope you love them!