Reusing Bottles & Jars

Reusing Bottles & Jars

Reusing Bottles & Jars

On every single product page, and all over social media, you hear us harping on and on about our containers being reusable.  

But how can you reuse them? 

First of all, how to clean them: 

Just wash in hot soapy water. Our labels are quite easy to peel off. If there's any lingering scent, soak in some water with a bit of vinegar. To get the containers extra sterile, remove the label and boil in a pot of water for 5-10 minutes, and then let them air dry. Voila.  

Now here are some of our favorite, not-weird ways you can reuse them! 


Fresh green cuttings and flowers look ever so elegant in brown glass bottles. Whether they're picked from the garden or brought by dinner guests, you'll never be caught without a flower vase again.

There's almost nothing better than single-stemmed flowers scattered around the table in mini vases? Or make a larger centerpiece in our large bottles. 



In the kitchen, you can store sponges and brushes, even candles. Use the smaller jars to store dishwashing tablets.



Then there's no stress about hiding everything in cabinets and drawers, because everything will look so nice. 



They're also good for storing kitchen and baking tools such as cupcake liners, cookie cutters, rubber bands and whatnot.

Use them as cutlery holders and skip having to set the table properly every now and then. 

Need an extra measuring cup? Our jars and bottles can help!
60ml jar = 1/4 cup
120ml jar = 1/2 cup
225ml jar = juuust shy of 1 cup
500ml jar = 2 cups 



Hand soap bottles can be turned into dish soap dispensers. No more fiddling with big, awkward bottles of stuff with that plastic flap that never seems to work. How many times does the soap come gushing out when you only needed a little? Plus they're an eyesore.

Instead, pour your dishwashing liquid into our hand soap bottles and then pump out as much soap as you need during washing. It saves time and soap, and it looks much better too. 

Obviously you can fill them up with more soap.

Or use them in the shower for dispensing shampoo, body wash, etc.  



For laundry detergent, the liquid can be dispensed out of hand soap pump bottles, while the powder detergent is great in jars.  




Need some bathroom storage solutions for cotton balls or q-tips, random tools like tweezers and clippers, make-up brushes? Our containers are raising their hands.

Even your toothbrushes and rubberbands will look nicer. 




The clear glass containers are good for showing off attractive items, while the brown glass containers are fantastic for hiding not-so-glamorous yet essential items, e.g. razor blades, nail polish, etc. 



Use Cleaning Spray bottles to water indoor plants. There are so many plants that prefer to be sprayed rather than doused with water.   

Or make your own cleaning solutions with vinegar and water, maybe a bit of castile soap. They are super handy to have around for after-dinner clean-up and quick bathroom spruce-ups. 

Both larger and small spray bottles can be used to make room sprays or to store air fresheners. There are so many simple recipes online.

We keep a variety of room sprays in our studio bathrooms, so guests and colleagues alike can use them as they wish. Also great near trash cans. 



Or containing the kids' toys, particularly puzzle pieces, pencils and little wool balls




Odd buttons, needles and thread, clothespins, paintbrushes, keys – the list goes on. No matter what your hobby, repurposed containers can help keep you organized. 

If you feel like being crafty, or need a way to entertain the kiddos on a rainy day, we've heard of people making things like snow globes and bird feeders with them.  

Smaller 60ml and 120ml jars are great for planting herbs. You can create an entire herb garden for your kitchen that doesn't take up too much space or require a big patio. Plus they will look extra luxe in the amber-colored glass. 



Or use our larger, clear glass jars to create terrariums – beautiful gardens in small space. All you need is a jar, rocks, dry moss, dirt and some little plants. They make fun gifts too. 




You can turn any of the containers into candleholders. Jars are great for tealights and pillar candles. Bottles are better for taper candles.

You can even stuff a string of lights into a large jar or bottle and plug it in. The amber glass will give a warm glow. 



Use the jars for your own hand-poured candles. We did that here in an old yogurt jar.  Or let them hold your own homemade bath salts and scrubs, bubble baths and butters.



Smaller containers, particularly 60ml jars and 50ml bottles, are fantastic for traveling. They save space in your luggage and meet TSA requirements for carry-ons. 

The bottles work perfectly for shampoo, liquid soaps and sprays, while jars are perfect for vitamins or supplements, bar soaps, butters and oils.  



When we make jams and marmalade or infused honeys, we store them in our jars. In bottles, we infuse olive oil with garlic and herbs or lemon and pine needle.

Spray bottles are great for this, as you can just spray the flavored oil on top of your pizza or toast! You don't know what you're missing till you try it! 



The most obvious reuse idea: storing pantry staples. Especially since their original packaging is oftentimes bulky, impossible to re-seal or just ugly. 


Only used half a can of something? Have leftovers from dinner? Packing up your lunch bag? Glass containers work for all of this and more! In the pantry, fridge, freezer and lunchboxes, they can stay at home or go with you. Smaller jars are perfect for condiments and snacks, or for storing spices.



Perhaps our favorite way to reuse them is for gifts to neighbors, friends and family. We love sharing homemade goodies, bottles of elderberry syrup or little samples of rosehip oil or anything really! When we go to parties or birthday dinners, we take flowers already in a brown bottle vase. Glass containers will always be better than a ziploc bag, right? 

And then you get to tell them all the ways that they can resuse them too! 


Because let's face it. We are a throw-away society. Consumerism has reached an all-time high, with products reaching their obsolescence within absurdly short timespans and new products being rolled out (and purchased) by the millions every day.

It's been planned this way. Big industries want you to throw stuff away and buy new ones. We, as consumers, can hardly conceive of repairing or reusing anything. We just get rid of it. Meanwhile, single-use items, particularly plastics, are playing a massive role in our current environmental situation. We are literally self-destructing. 

Can we become a free- and creative-thinking, repair and reuse society again? 

Once you've retrained your mind a bit, it becomes second nature. In fact, we never seem to have enough empty glass containers around here! 

If you absolutely cannot find anyway to reuse your containers, then please at lease recycle them. Or contact us and maybe we can figure out how you can return them to us.