Why skincare matters for men too

Why skincare matters for men too

Why skincare matters for men too

When it comes to health, men are encouraged to talk about fitness, eating well, supplements, hair, even clothes and shoes. Yet more often than not, there's something missing from the conversation, something that's critical to overall good health: their skin. 

At some point, skincare got lumped into the "beauty" department and became something that concerns women only. But why? Men have skin too. 

Why skincare is important

The skin is the largest organ on our body. It's our first line of defense against germs, bacterial, harmful UV rays, environmental pollution, seasonal elements and more. It plays a critical role in our immune system, in our movements and growth, in regulating body temperature and transmitting information about our environment to our brain. It's also important for our emotional health. Studies show that skincare issues can worsen people's emotional state, and these negative emotions can have serious impacts on our entire body and mind. In short, our skin functions in a lot of ways beyond just making us look good. 

The difference between neglected skin and supported skin is remarkable. Once your skin is supported in the right ways, it can perform all of its natural functions without having to constantly fight. The whole body improves. That means looking better and feeling better. 

Old school skincare for men

Take a look at the body or skincare advertising for men. You'll find a lot about shaving. And I do mean a lot. You'll also find lots of soaps to keep men clean. And I mean super clean, like strip-the-skin clean. Another thing you'll find is fragrances. Basically, men are supposed to be smell like synthetic substances that irritate the skin and do nothing to care for the skin or support health. 

Constantly stripping the skin with harsh cleansers dismantles the natural acids and oils we need to keep us strong, supple and protected. Furthermore, our bodies absorb a large percentage of what we put on our skin. If anyone, men included, use chemical- or fragrance-laden products, it can affect everything from the metabolic system to neurological function and cause premature aging. 

It's time to go beyond clichéd images of masculinity, as well as gender-biased marketing. 

Wyld skincare solutions

We won't try to sell you products based on your gender. We're more interested in what kind of skin you have and what your skincare needs are. We formulate products that work for skin – not for masculine or feminine stereotypes – and have benefits for the whole body and mind. 

All of our products are made with natural, organic ingredients that can be chosen based on a person's skincare needs and scent preferences. We wildcraft materials from the Swedish nature and go to great lengths to offer the highest-quality, most sustainable products that nourish skin and truly care for it. 

We also believe in finding your own rituals. They not only instill a routine that your skin can thrive on, but they also bring attention and joy to small, everyday moments. They give you the space to understand who you are and want to be. Read more in our story, Finding your ritual.  

So let's get down to the details.

For the face

Facial skin has different needs than the rest of your body. A basic face skincare recipe is: cleanse, tone and moisturize daily + exfoliate as needed. We'll break these down... 

Face cleansing

Despite what you've heard before, your skin should not feel dry, tight and stripped after cleansing. This wreaks havoc with your natural oil production cycles and becomes a rollercoaster ride of dry/tight, greasy/irritated, dry/tight, greasy/irritated. Also, harsh soaps tend to be highly alkaline, which destroys the acid mantle on your skin. The acid mantle is responsible for locking lipids and moisture into the skin while keeping the bad stuff, like free radicals and environmental stressors, out. If our acid mantle is damaged, we are more prone to infection and inflammation, dryness and premature aging. 

We're big fans of oil cleansing and offer a Cleansing Face Oil that feeds skin nutrients and supports its natural cycles. Like all of our products, we skip the cheap filler oils (like sunflower, sesame, almond, etc.) that are high in polyunsaturated fats, making them prone to oxidation, causing free radical damage. Our cleansing oil is a blend of organic skin-repairing and -protective oils infused with wildcrafted elderflowers and then enhanced with essential oils that fight bacteria and stimulate cell regeneration. 

We also have a special Spruce Grooming Oil wildcrafted with fresh spruce shoots, norwegian blue spruce needles, cardamom, star anise and lavender that are infused into organic oils of macadamia, babassu, squalane-rich olive and jojoba. This rich, complex, multitasking oil can be used as a face cleanser as well as a moisturizer, beard oil, pre-shave oil and more. Plus it has an intoxicating scent loved by all genders. 

Toning skin

All of our toners are made with alcohol-free, pure steam-distilled hydrosol waters, so they won't contribute to dryness or irritation. They will, however, remove any lingering dirt, dead skin cells or other residue. Pores are open after cleansing or shaving, so a toner works to close the pores, keeping impurities out. 

Hydrosol waters bring a layer of moisture. In fact, they are humectants, which means they bind moisture to the skin. Because our skin is made up of water in the form of sweat and oil, a hydrosol-based toner and oil-based moisturizer work superbly together, following the skin's inherent rhythm.


After cleansing, mist toner on skin. If you're using an oil-based moisturizer, gently press it into skin while it's still damp. You can even mist on another layer of toner after moisturizing if needed. 



You may not need to moisturize the entire face everyday. Especially if you cut out the soap cleansers and get your oil production cycles balanced with nourishing cleansers and toners. But most of us need to moisturize regularly, especially in cold, dry months, or maybe around our eyes and hairline where we want to address (or avoid) fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. 

When it comes to using oil-based moisturizers, one or two drops is all you need. After cleansing and toning, warm the oil in your hands and press into damp skin. 

Our Spruced Grooming Oil mentioned earlier is a fantastic facial moisturizer. It's great for skin and hair, making it ideal to use after shaving or for caring for skin under beards. It's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties reduce any irritation and fight acne-causing bacteria.  

Our Seaberry Elixir is a potent oil infused with wildcrafted sea buckthorn blended with tamanu oil. It repairs and regenerates, improves skin elasticity and complexion, calms irritation or inflammation, boosts immunity and deeply hydrates. Great to use around the eyes to treat fine lines and wrinkles. 

For tired, dull skin, try our Caffeine Skin Polishing Oil, which also functions as an exfoliator (see below). To use it as a moisturizer, warm a drop or two of oil in dry hands and lightly press into skin. Don't forget to breathe in the divine coffee scent! 

Facial exfoliants  

How often you exfoliate really depends on your skin. You will figure this out as you develop your rituals and begin to understand your own skincare needs. For combination skin, try using the clay mask only on oily areas more often. 

Why exfoliate, you ask? It supports the natural skin cell turnover process, removing dead skin cells (or other unwanted debris) that can clog pores, revealing the younger and brighter skin cells below. It also helps other skincare products penetrate the skin and be more effective.  

Experience has taught us that gentle is better when it comes to exfoliation. No harsh sugars or salts. Our skin appreciates support – not force. 

Our Caffeine Skin Polishing Oil is a best-seller for good reason. It's infused with small batch, locally roasted coffee, rosehips and frankincense oil. A trifecta of antioxidants and anti-aging properties! The fine coffee grinds gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, reduce signs of aging or puffiness, nourish and restore overall health. The oil floating on top can also be used as a moisturizer (see above).  

Or try our Terra Firma Clay Mask – a blend of 4 natural clays and 3 wildcrafted botanicals with pure aloe vera. It remineralizes skin, cleans out pores and improves overall skin tone. Can be used as a purifying mask, exfoliating oil or even as a cleanser. 

For the body

Body cleansing

Our skin is an amazing organ that, like everything else, has evolved in perfect balance of oil, good bacteria, sweat, sebum and more. Unless you have a major skin condition, you don't need to control your skin. You just need to support it. 

We actually love an old fashioned aleppo soap, which gets its name from the city where it originates – Aleppo, Syria. It's believed to be the oldest soap in the world. True aleppo soap is handmade with just olive oil and bay laurel oil and is aged for 9-12 months. The higher the bay laurel content, the more healing it is. If you're interested in trying it, we urge you to find genuine soap from Aleppo, Syria that's stamped with a master soap maker's seal. It should have rough edges, brown color (green on the inside) and contain no palm oils. 

We also offer a line of Hand & Body Soaps that are good for practically anything and everyone. Our castile soap base is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like organic olive oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil, plus kukui nut oil for a luxurious, multitasking soap that can be used to cleanse, bathe, shave, shampoo and more. Our soaps are rich in lather and leave you feeling soft, not stripped. 



We've written about the important of deodorant in another blog post, Let's Talk Deodorant

We've also showed you how to make your own deodorant at home! This one is so easy and effective. 

Otherwise, we offer natural, organic deodorants in 2 different formats – a Deodorant Bar and Deodorant Spray. Both are easy to apply and effective against odor. 

Body moisturizers

If you prefer creamy lotions instead of body oils, check out our Bare Naked Body Cream, which doesn't contain any added scents, making it gender-neutral not to mention silky smooth and deeply moisturizing. Goodbye dry, itchy skin!

We also have 3 lotion bars that target different needs. The nice thing about lotion bars is how easy to use and portable they are. Our Bronzing Caffeine Lotion Bar is rich in antioxidants, gives skin a natural glow and boosts mood and energy. Our very special Blue Moon Lotion Bar contains babassu oil plus the high chamazulene content of three very potent blue oils. Besides moisturizing, this lotion bar can aid in cell regeneration, combat skin conditions, scavenge free radicals and more. Super anti-inflammatory! Lastly, our elderflower and lavender infused lotion bar is soothing and healing, hydrating and protective. 

We have other products in our catalog to address particular skincare needs, such as a Sunburn Relief Spray that relieves pain and regenerates damaged skin, or a Dandelion Salve that heals overworked, cracking hands and rough patches. 

We try to provide as much information as possible on our product pages, but we're happy to hear from you if you have questions or particular needs!